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Not much going on in my world at the moment

by Wayne Boyd

I've been coasting easy and riding smoothly, writing some and working on this and that. Not much notable going on other than that!

Remember my discussion of "Dark Matter" below?

by Wayne Boyd

Check out this excerpt from the Los Angeles Times: A hunt for dark matter in a former gold mine Nearly a mile underground in South Dakota, the ultra-sensitive Large Underground Xenon experiment, or LUX, is searching for evidence of one of physics' ultimate mysteries: dark matter.


Dark matter outnumbers normal matter in the universe 5 to 1, yet remains one of physics' ultimate mysteries. It can't be seen or felt, and passes through Earth like a phantom. Scientists think it might be made of hypothetical "weakly interacting massive particles" — WIMPs — though they have yet to find one.

But astronomers know dark matter exists: Without its gravity, spiral galaxies' pinwheel arms would be ripped from their bodies and flung into space.

Dark Matter Candidate for God

by Wayne Boyd

Astronomers have discovered something very weird. Apparently, by careful observation and measurements, there is something out there that is 5 times more massive than all the galaxies and gas floating in the universe. Simply put, there is more gravitational influence than there should be. A LOT more than there should be. There is something invisible floating around the Universe which has 5 times more gravity than everything else.

Scientists call this stuff "dark matter" because they can't see it, can't taste it and can't detect it other than the fact that they observe that ambient gravity out and about all galaxies is much more than it should be.

Today, however, I had an intriguing thought. Suppose, just suppose, there is no "dark matter." After all, they can't see it. And it's not that this "dark matter" is just in outer space. It's right here, floating through your computer screen and keyboard, passing through your body, at least that's what they think. Five times more of it than everything you can see... Suppose it's not material at all. Suppose it's God's hand. I'm just sayin'. It's a potential scientific argument that religious people in the know could use to provide plausible explanation for God.

If God "exists" then where is He? If He is everywhere, and can influence everything, then shouldn't that be scientifically detectable?

There's a scientist out there named Dr. Bob Park. He has an online column he writes. Unfortunately, he recently had a stroke that has made him ill and he is trying to recover from it.

Bob says belief in God is superstition. It's a common view held by many physicists and astronomers.

But what if "dark matter" is actual scientifically measurable evidence of God? Suppose being a believer in God is not superstition at all? Dark matter, parallel universes, 4th and 5th dimensional objects and God might now all be considered theoretical physics.

Food for thought for my religious and scientific friends.

Legalization of Drugs

Okay. According the article below, in the Netherlands (Holland) they are closing prisons because of a lack of criminals. Might I point out that in the Netherlands, they legalized drugs and prostitution, which in turn reduces burglaries and aggravated robberies and of course eliminates people being incarcerated because of drug use and prostitution. Although I am personally drug free, I support legalization of drugs. It would eliminate the need for the DEA and save billions of dollars. Plus we will be able to tax it, control quality, and collect income tax. So we will reduce expenses and increase income, solving our financial problems. Just my humble opinion. We are not winning the so-called "war on drugs." We should learn from why prohibition (alcohol) did not work and why prohibition was eventually repealed, even though people are dying from alcohol related problems.

Netherlands Close Prisons Because Of Lack Of Criminals

As prison populations surge in the UK, with overcrowded cells and repeat offenders, the opposite in happening in the Netherlands. The country is actually to close eight prisons because of a lack of criminals.

As Linux stalks windows, the poor countries will benefit

What do the International Space Station, the Czech Post Office, the French Parliament and the Turkish Government have in common? All have switched from using a proprietary Operating System (OS) on their computers to an ‘open source’ or free OS; or putting it simply: They have switched from Windows to a free OS called Linux. And they are not alone. A growing number of businesses, educational and scientific institutions, schools and governments are doing likewise. Why are they doing it?


And then there were Forums... and then...

I have been tinkering with the forum software and personalizing it more to my liking, and I'm therefore ummmm.... liking it. You see, for a long time now the top of my home page has suggested there are forums somewhere on this site, when in actuality there have been none. Just a pipe dream. However as of today all that has changed.

Linux Forums on has been launched. There is hardly anything there, but you can go and register and contribute to the discussions about nothing, because there are no discussions. I suppose all forums start that way, huh.

Begin a Diet

I have begun a new diet. It consists of consuming a drink made with whey protein 4 times a day at 150 calories a glass, and a solid snack in early evening. The goal is to stay under 1000 calories a day for awhile. So far, so good.

Screw Windows

My wife received yet another complimentary virus care of Windows. I can't understand why people use Windows. So many virus proplems!

so I reformatted her computer and installed Linux Mint 14 on it. Done.


Even More Mazes!!!! The Eye, Big Head, Dino Bite, In the Future, A Day At Work, Get Rich Quick and Martians! Magic, surprise and adventure await you on this site if you spend the time to look around. You might even stumble upon the confusing world of Boydazes (short for Wayne Boyd Mazes)! No matter what people tell you, there is NO DOUBT that these mazes can all be solved and therefore just to help you out I have updated them and added some new ones!

Hurricane Sandy Superstorm

The Atlantic hurricane season is officially from June 1st to November 30th every year. Hurricanes have occurred outside of these six months, but these dates encompass over 97% of tropical activity. I'm sorry, I'm a Democrat, but despite Democrats saying Hurricane Sandy is "proof" of global warming (which I do believe in) the fact is Hurricane Sandy happened in October (a month before hurricane season ends) when 97% of hurricanes happen, and the fact that it combined with a perfectly normal cold front from Canada at this time of year, and a perfectly normal storm coming from the West at this time of year, is NOT proof of global warming. It is proof only that a very unfortunate set of weather events combined, which is also perfectly normal when they come that close to each other.

No one single event of the three meteorological events that combined to make this superstorm can be attributed to global warming. Stop trying to make it look like something it wasn't because it hurts the Democratic cause.

Presidents Do Not Control Gas Prices

Someone sent this to me and I thought I'd repeat it for the sake of discussion. When we drill in the US we don't get the oil and presidents do not control gas prices.

Everyone seems to assume that if we drill for oil in the US that we will get the oil and will not be dependent on foreign oil anymore. However, we won't get any of it. The oil will be the property of whichever oil company obtained the rights to that contract, such as Exxon-Mobil.

They then sell it to whoever they like in the world, not just the US, and their allegiance is to corporate profits and their shareholders. So wherever they drill, they drill for the whole world and it has nothing to do with the US having more oil. Rising need from countries like China means that global demand is outpacing supply which is a recipe for high gas prices.

Change in Top Page Format

by Wayne Boyd

I'm home from work with high blood pressure, and nothing better than do than sit at my computer - a relatively stress free environment. Brainstorming with myself (my head is big anyway) I came up with the idea to switch format of's home page from dual column to single column.

This will enable me to post updates and have the latest update sit at the top of the page!

Situational Stress

I'm home from work for the day due to situational stress causing high blood pressure :(

Twitter vs. Facebook

My wife and I've been using and enjoying Facebook for over two years now. A lot of people from where I work and a lot of both mine and my wife's former High School friends are on my friends list. I make a comment. They like and comment back. Life is good.

But with satellite radio in my car, I frequently listen to POTUS (Politics Of the United States) and they have several shows that read tweets from Facebook all the time. Now I am trying to figure out Twitter, even though for years I just haven't been able to figure it out.

Thoughts about Linux

by Wayne Boyd, June 15, 2012

Nobody wants an operating getting in the way of your productivity. Your computer needs to be able to do what you need to do in the most efficient way possible.

Apple and mac os have a philosophy that a mouse must have only 1 button. People do complain that this 1 button dogmatism gets in the way of productivity. On the other hand, for me some problems with windows include virus protection and expensive software.

This is why I prefer linux as an operating system.

The first time I ever installed Linux, of course, I had to preserve my Microsoft windows installation. I've been experimenting with Linux now for over a decade, and back when I first started it was just something to play with, not something that you could run with, so you wanted to make sure your MS Windows stayed in tact. Back then Linux wasn't robust enough for end users like me to be the only OS on an important computer running desktop applications. Even good software was non-existent or hard to find.

The way I accomplished keeping my Windows in tact was to install Linux with a dual boot option. After installation, when I started my computer I had an option to boot into Windows or boot into Linux. To switch from Linux back to Windows I had to restart the computer. Fortunately, now days Linux is much more robust and fully mature with fantastic (and free) software choices that rival anything I could ever want to accomplish with Windows.

That's why I don't bother with dual booting anymore. I just wipe out whatever's on the hard disk and install linux from scratch. Linux works great for me on my computer. It also works for me on my smartphone in the form of the android operating system. The android operating system is a version of linux that was developed by google.

Cool Website, Boyd

A friend of mine at work, who has surpassed me in rank due to his ambition, which I seem to lack at my age in the line of Corrections, commented to me randomly while sitting in the officer's Dinning Room (ODR). "Hey, Boyd. You have a really cool website!"

Thanks Sergeant! I appreciate it! I really do! This website was originally created when my wife and I took a 5,800 mile motorcycle trip up north and out west and I took a lot of pictures. I thought I should create a website to store all the pictures. And there's your sign!

Too Many Funerals, Too Many Dreams

by Wayne Boyd
August 14, 2012

Condolences to my dear friend Wayne Upshaw, whose wife passed away recently at home. I attended the funeral, but my heart cannot properly express the grief I feel for you.

I also have too many dreams of my past and my beliefs spanning many continents and cultures. Life is short. Wayne, if you need a friend, I am here for you. Your friend, Wayne.


by Wayne Boyd
July 2, 2012

Pets are a very big responsibility. Some pets are smart, i.e. they can learn and know their name. Some pets, i.e. rodents and such, are affectionate but never know their name. All pets require our complete support and dependence!

I Lied

by Wayne Boyd, June 1, 2012

In my previous blog on May 30 I said my favorite Desktop Environment for Linux Mint Debian was LXDE. I lied.

Well, technically I didn't lie. In fact, if you believe me, I've never told a lie in my entire life!

But seriously speaking, after writing my favorite desktop environment was LXDE, I discovered some problems I couldn't resolve, so I went back to Mate, my second favorite desktop environment.

I do like the look and feel of LXDE, but I find there are some things I haven't figured out how to do, or maybe can't be done, to which I'm accustomed, such as adjusting volume when in a full screen video! So for now, I'm back to "Mate" which is a layer on top of Gnome 3 that makes it behave somewhat like Gnome 2.

And yes, at this point, I like Mate better than Cinnamon.

What I Use for My Computer

by Wayne Boyd, May 30, 2012

Let's face it, in the future there will be a lot of smart phones and tablets, many of them running Android (a version of the Linux operating system developed by Google). Desktop computers won't go away completely, but many households won't have them because these other devices will do all they need them to do.

That being said, I still have a desktop computer, I do own a couple of Android phones (the Razr Maxx for myself and my wife), but I don't yet own a tablet. I'm not sure I really need one since I'm no longer traveling around the world like I did in the old days. I will probably ALWAYS have a couple of desktop computers in my home, one for me and one for my wife. She runs Windows 7. Not me.

So what do I run on my personal desktop computer? I use LMDE, i.e. Linux Mint Debian. My favorite "desktop environment" of which is not Gnome 3, not KDE, not Mate or Cinnamon, and not even Xfce. I'm using, and loving, Linux Mint Debian with LXDE, a lightweight desktop environment.

Specifically I don't "need" a lightweight desktop environment as I have a radiator cooled 6 core processor with more RAM and more Terabytes than I ever knew was possible when I first started fooling around with Linux in the late 90's. However, I still like LXDE better at the moment than all of the other desktop environments I regularly use and have installed.


It's not Linux it's GNU/Linux and Why That Name Will Never Take Off

by Wayne Boyd, Februrary 18, 2012

The name of the OS is not Linux. It's GNU/Linux, and it's pronounced “GaNew Linux,” but the name is not being used by the public and this bothers the GNU people. Here's why.

The name GNU which is not even pronounced as it looks sucks for a name! Plain and simple.

“The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop the GNU system. The name 'GNU' is a recursive acronym for 'GNU's Not Unix!'. 'GNU' is pronounced g'noo, as one syllable, like saying 'grew' but replacing the r with n,” so say the people at

It turns out that Linux is just the kernel -- a vital and important part of any operating system -- but the bulk of the free software that is included with any Linux distribution, or FreeBSD for that matter, is from the GNU people, and they absolutely resent having the name “GNU” left out of any Linux or FreeBSD distribution and rightly so.

Unfortunately, however, it will never be as they want, because they have a terrible name, and in the advertising world it's all about promoting a name. Saying “I run Linux on my computer” is a lot easier than saying “I run GNU/Linux on my computer.” says that “a Unix-like operating system is a software collection of applications, libraries, and developer tools, plus a program to allocate resources and talk to the hardware, known as a kernel.

“...GNU is typically used today with a kernel called Linux. This combination is the GNU/Linux operating system. GNU/Linux is used by millions, though many call it 'Linux' by mistake.”

These good people struggle with that mistake daily and resent us all for saying “Linux” leaving out the “GaNew” pronunciation of GNU in the name of our OS of choice!

Now the thing is, although most of the software in any Linux or BSD distribution was created and is distributed by the GNU people, the name does not and will not ever take off in the media or general public because the name simply sucks and is hard for people to pronounce, what to speak even know the correct what to pronounce it in the first place. (Most people wrongly default to the pronunciation “New” when they see GNU.)

It snows in Texas!

Wayne Boyd, February 9, 2012

Most people think of Texas as a hot place. The problem is those people have no conception how big is the second largest state in the United States both population and size-wise. It's bigger than the entire country of Spain and bigger than France.

Where I live is in Amarillo, Texas, which is smack in the middle of the Texas Panhandle. Here the elevation is about 3700 feet (1127 meters) above sea level in the “high planes.” The high planes is a sub-region of the Great Planes. The area is well known for high westerly winds and extreme temperatures: the difference in temperature from night and day “commonly exceeds 59 °F (15 °C)” (Wikipedia).

We have jokes here about the wind. “It was so windy today I saw a chicken facing downwind lay the same egg 6 times. I saw a house blow down the street like a piece of tumbleweed. It was so windy I had to bungee cord my house to the ground. It was so windy this guy driving into town from Lubbock ran out of gas in Canyon, Texas, but he made it all the way into Amarillo by opening his car doors and blowing into town.”

But the snow in Texas is not really very much. Sometimes in Amarillo we'll get an inch. Sometimes even 3 or 4 inches. Rarely it gets deeper than that. Most of the time it melts away. One or two days may be really cold, below freezing, and then the next week it may be 60 or 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer, on the other hand, tends to be really hot. Last summer, the hottest on record, we had more than 50 days over 100 degrees. (The previous record was 26 days over 100F.) One day last summer it was 114 degrees Fahrenheit!

In spite of the heat, it tends to be low humidity in the summer, which means it feels cooler than it is.

Trees do not grow naturally here. This is naturally grassland and sagebrush country. So if you want trees, you have to buy them! Where I come from if you want to build you have to cut down trees because they grow like weeds, but not around here in the Texas Panhandle!

More Amazing Mazes

Recently I posted some new mazes that will amaze, mezmerize, alure and confuse you. Check out Map of London, or It Turns Out (Politicians are Aliens), or Disappointed About Earth, or even save the world by solving Black Hole!

HUD and Unity Break the Back

Posted on DistroWatch

Linux Mint 13, the Ubuntu-based distribution's next release, will come with Cinnamon - a fork of GNOME Shell made to resemble a GNOME 2 desktop. Computerworld's Joab Jackson explains in "Linux Mint 13 gets back to desktop basics": "Bucking the trend of increasingly experimental desktop interfaces, the developers behind Linux Mint are adopting a simpler desktop for the next version of the open-source Linux distribution. Linux Mint 13 will feature an entirely new user interface, called Cinnamon. Earlier this week, the Linux Mint developers released a version of the shell. 'We're hoping [Cinnamon] will seduce most Linux Mint users, whether they're coming from GNOME 2, Gnome Shell or other desktops,' said Linux Mint creator and lead developer Clement Lefebvre. In a world where the interfaces of desktop operating systems are increasingly streamlined, Cinnamon appears to be quite a conservative design, not surprising given the goals of the Linux Mint project."

Why this website wasn't updated for a long time

Wayne Boyd, December 7, 2011

Nobody likes to visit a website that's supposed to be regularly updated and see it's not been updated. Well, I ran into a programming glitch and am still strying to work through the lines of code to figure it out! That's why the page wasn't updated!

You see, this website was created by me as a programming experiment. It is entirely programmed in PHP and MySQL, and all of the information on every page is stored in a MySQL database. To update any page, and write words like the ones you're reading now, means updating the database. I had finally accomplished being able to do that simply by my logging in, and I had a link at the bottom of every column I could click and then type away. I never had to actually "get in" to the database itself anymore. Until one day. One day I was fooling with the code and broke it, and haven't fixed it yet! Still working on it!

Programmers can get lost in their own lines of code!

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